Poll Forum – #1: September 26th, 2012

I figured today I’d start a new tradition in the form of user interactivity here on the website. I’ll be holding special polls in something I’m calling the Poll Forum. Each post will contain a number of polls, and you’re encouraged to not only vote, but tell me why in the comments. How often each Poll Forum will be has yet to be decided – it really depends on the speed of responses! Today is a short pilot run of the Poll Forum.

New Polls

NSMB Wii vs NSMB 2

To kick off today’s new ‘Poll Forum’ is a topic I touched upon in Part 2 of my New Super Mario Bros. Wii Let’s Play, and that is whether New Super Mario Bros. Wii or New Super Mario Bros. 2 was better. I’ve given a brief insight into my views, and will share a much more in depth response in the next Poll Forum, but I want to know – Which do you think is better? If you have more to say on this topic, let me know in the comments below! I’ll feature some of the best feedback in the results section of the next Poll Forum.

Only one poll this time whilst I test the water, so to speak, I may move up to at least five polls in each Poll Forum but I figured I’d start this one small. Thanks for reading, and please be sure to give me some feedback on this idea in general, including improvement tips, you guessed it, in the comments below!


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