Living with a 4.6-inch Reduction

As you well know, I recently got a new laptop. And it’s awesome. I now produce my videos from that tank of a MacBook Pro. And whilst it’s faster, there is something that’s a little hard to adjust to.

My iMac has a wonderful 20-inch screen – which now feels huge! The MacBook Pro has a 15.4-inch screen, which felt immediately comfortable for most things. Except video editing.

In time this’ll be fine, but for the first couple of weeks or so, I know it’s going to feel weird. Do I regret getting this laptop, gosh no. Instead, it’s made me explore Adobe Premiere Pro in more depth. For the first time in literally ever, I’ve customised an editing layout. No big deal really, but I figured I’d share it with you – so here it is.

As you can see, I’ve made an attempt to reduce as much gray space as possible, the video preview window for example, is a perfect fit.

Before you ask about the elements to the left of the preview window, I’m aware all those tabs where split between three separate elements, but I figured seen as I only use a couple from each, I should merge them and put all the ones I use at the front of the menu, thus reducing aimless mouse movements.

I could have made the video preview bigger, yes, but I wanted those tabbed elements to be able to display a decent amount of timeline should that area require editing, as shown in the Effects Control tab I have open.

I’ve also got a full length timeline at the bottom, which I can navigate using my trackpads awesome iOS-esque touch gestures, allowing to to swipe my way through the video. I love that. ❤

The last thing I did was save this as a new preset, so I can go back to default if I ever wanted to. The biggest reason why I’m sharing this is because I never realised just how much more effective it would be to customise my editing software’s interface.

So in a way this is a tip – go do it! I edit a damn sight faster because of this, and it makes things a lot easier on this smaller screen! But those with larger screen, and even dual monitors will benefit just as much, if not more from this! Just look at your editing software and think… how much wasted real estate is going on here, and do something about it. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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